Can I haz some Coosh?

You can either buy Coosh using Bitcoin, or mine Coosh.


Download Wallet

Click here to download the Coosh wallet. Will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux.


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Buy (or mine) Coosh

You can buy Coosh here. Alternatively, you can learn how to mine.

About Coosh

Coosh was released in Jan 2018. It has a longer term difficulty designed to allow miners to create all coins over the next 30 - 35 years. In total there will be 42,000,000 Coosh coins in existance. Coosh is different from Bitcoin and Litecoin as it gives its users complete anonymity.

  • Control your coins using offline wallets.
  • Make transactions anonymously.
  • Mine for profit.
  • Buy Coosh with Bitcoin.

Maintain Control

Coosh is designed to become mainstream. It uses advanced hashing techniques to keep your transactions private, whilst maintaining the open transparency of the blockchain.

Everyone can run a node or become a miner, meaning Coosh is a unique, decentralised, anonymous & private online currency.

Mainstream adoption will be encouraged through the use of an intuitive web app wallet, mobile app wallets, online blockchain viewer and online exchange.

Mine Coosh, Make Coosh.

Anyone can mine coosh and it is currently highly profitable.

What is mining?
Crypto Currencies are distributed - peer to peer - that is, they do not have a central authority. In order to verify transactions, these currencies allow anyone to become a 'miner' - by running a piece of software on their computer.

Mining Coosh is simple. Just download the Coosh Daemon and get started:
./coosh_d --start-mining [your-public-coosh-address]

  • Coosh DOB:
    Jan 15, 2018
  • Estimated Coin Value:
    $0.99 USD
  • Total Coins Available:
  • Last coin will be mined:
    ~ May 15, 2048

Prefer to buy Coosh?

Mining can unfortunately be highly competitive. If you do not have the servers or skill required to run your own mining setup, you can buy Coosh by clicking here.

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Note: currently the wallet is only available for linux.
Beginner? Start with the GUI wallet. The command line wallet and daemon is for advanced users only - usually developers, contributors and anyone who wish to run a node.


Download the graphical Coosh wallet here.


You will need to download two binaries. The Coosh Daemon, and the Coosh Wallet.
Download Wallet Binary
Download Daemon Binary
Note: you can verify the sha256sum of the above files by visiting the downloads page.
Tip: use ./coosh_wallet --help, and ./coosh_d --help for a full list of commands.

To get started, first start the daemon on localhost, then start the wallet and follow the prompts.


Years of Combined Team Programming Experience


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Developers, Hackers and Crypto Experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff you might want to know.

Coosh, Que?

Coosh is a secure, private, 100% anonymous crypto currency. It's decentralised. Anyone can mine or form a node of Coosh - which means it is censorship resistant. With no one point of central control, you are in control of your coins.

Aimed at high frequency everyday transactions with a minimum 30 second interval between process times, Coosh will bring anonymous crypto currency payments to the masses.

Coosh works like other crypto currencies - however it is completely anonymous. Designed to keep you and your money safe. Be in control.

Coosh is different. It provides complete security and privacy over it's users transactions. This means complete financial freedom. Cryptocurrencies are fairly new - as of 2018 when Coosh was released, they have only been around for around 10 years. The internet didn't gather mainstream adoption for 15 - 20 years after its invention. Cryptocurrencies are no different. Coosh is designed to bring a private decentralised currency to the masses - not just aimed at nerds, technical gurus and programmers. During the next 1 - 10 years Coosh will have a predicted growth of over 10,000% - similar to Bitcoin. Coosh has a max supply of double that of bitcoin - with a long 30+ year mining phase - designed for maximum growth for its early adopters.

You may purchase Coosh using bitcoin. You can also mine it. Read more about mining Coosh here.

Coosh only works with the wallet you can run on your computer - and this wallet is only available for download at this website ( Any other wallets are scams. When you download the wallet software you are able to create an account which can be used for storing, sending and receiving funds. We strongly recommend you store this wallet file in a secure location - and ideally back it up. The best security is cold storage: keep your Coosh coin completely off the internet.

Yes - Coosh is very similar: a privacy oriented blockchain. A healthy competition amongst crypto currencies will keep the new blockchain affordable for everyone. Coosh is also designed with widespread adoption in mind - its early adopters should see dramatic return on investment during the next 12 months, and enjoy watching their funds grow dramatically in value during the next 10 years.

The Coosh blockchain verifies transactions. It is a public ledger of hashes of all transactions ever recorded. Note recording the 'hash' of each transaction means Coosh's transactions are private.

An online Coosh wallet is still under development by our team, but will be available shortly. It is always important to keep your funds secure - if you are serious you should learn how to use the offline wallets as described on our download and documentation pages. The online wallet's purpose is to encourage mainstream adoption, and for ease of access while on the go for micro transactions.

Storing large amounts of crypto currency in online wallets should always be discouraged.

Online wallets are purely for conveniance.

The online Coosh blockchain will become available in the 3rd quater of 2018. Stay tuned to our twitter, and this website, for updates!